This should hopefully speed up border patrol on your next Musandam visit…

The cost of a short-stay tourist visa to visit Oman quadrupled in April, going up from OMR5 (Dhs47) to OMR20 (approximately Dhs190).

But there’s now some good news – as of this week, you can apply for a visit visa to the beautiful Sultanate online, via the government E-Visa website (which we couldn’t access today due to our computer’s security settings, but we’re sure that’s an issue that will be resolved quickly).

Visitors need to fill in an online form, and attach travel documents, they then pay the fee through a secure Global Payment Gateway. 

You’ll then receive your visa and notifications via email.

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The e-system is currently available for people from 67 countries, as well as all GCC residents employed in 116 professions (you can find out which countries are eligible on the site).

The digital move is particularly hoping to target more tourists from China, Russia and the US, a statement said.

“Last year, the number of tourist arrivals reached three million and it is expected to increase to more than four million by 2020,” said Salim Adi Al Mamari, director general of Tourism Promotion at Oman’s Ministry of Tourism.

Remember, when the prices of visas went up, so did their longevity – they used to be valid for 10 days, but they’re now available for a month (and further extensions are an option).

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