Abu Dhabi firemen rescue two children from a burning apartment in the capital

Being a firefighter isn’t an easy gig. It requires the courage to run into a burning building, countless hours of tough training, flying jetpacks and helping orchestrate marriage proposals. Ok, so those last two actually sound like fun.

On Monday morning, however, a squad of Abu Dhabi firefighters were called out to deal with an incident at an apartment complex in the capital, and their daring deeds were caught on camera.

The video posted to social media shows the firefighters rescuing two children from what Abu Dhabi Civil Defence reported was, thankfully, a minor fire incident seemingly caused by an electrical short circuit.

While the young boys in the video are visibly (and understandably!) upset, Civil Defence officials confirm that no one was injured during the incident, and the firemen can be seen consoling them with hugs and juice boxes towards the end of the clip.

Remember, if you need to report a fire-related incident the emergency number to dial is 997.

Keep up the good work, UAE firefighters. Love your work.

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Image: screengrabs