New video from Dubai Police asks “Is it worth it?”

Dubai Police have released a video showing just how easy it is for motorists to accumulate serious traffic fines in no time at all if recent changes to traffic regulations aren’t adhered to.

Titled ‘Is It Worth It?’ the video depicting a typical family driving in an SUV lasts only 60 seconds, but in that time a total of Dhs4,200 in fines and 20 black points are racked up by the driver.

Offences range from suddenly swerving while driving (Dhs1,000 and 4BP) to failing to put a young child in a car seat (Dhs400).

The video comes hot on the heels of recent changes in federal traffic laws that went into effect on 1 July. These include making it mandatory for all people in a vehicle to wear a seatbelt or risk a Dhs400 fine and 4 black points for the driver. You can read a full list of the new laws here.

The new laws are designed to improve road safety and increase driver awareness, ultimately with a goal to reduce road accidents.

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Image: screengrab