A three-day meteor shower is expected to be seen in the skies above Dubai, and it starts tomorrow…

Get excited space fans, there’s a three-day meteor shower expected in Dubai this weekend.

The Perseid Meteor Shower, expected in the early hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, is one of the most reliable and visible meteor showers of the year. The peak is expected at 1pm EDT (that’s 9pm in Dubai) on Saturday August 12. So that will hopefully make for pretty good viewing Saturday night.

But it might not look quite like the above photo (even with a timelapse) because of the moon…

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The typical rates of the Perseid Meteor Shower are around 80 meteors an hour, with it even getting up to 200 meteors an hour in 2016. But sadly we’re not expected to have such good luck this year. It will also apparently be slightly more difficult to see due to the presence of the moon, which will be three-quarters full.

But that won’t stop us trying. 

And to celebrate the occasion, the Dubai Astronomy group will be hosting two days of events. 

On Friday August 11, the CEO of Dubai Astronomy will be hosting a talk from 8pm. The two-hour talk will give budding astronomers a chance to find out more about the meteor shower in Dubai, and the science behind it. It will be held at Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Mushrif Park. 

On Saturday, the group will be heading into a remote area for darker skies, to give guests a better chance of catching the shower. But the program is only for those who come and register at the Friday event. It will be from 9pm-midnight and cost Dhs100. Head to their website for contact details and more info.

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