Entitles tourists to up to Dhs1,500 in offers and discounts

When arriving in a foreign country one of the first things most people sort out immediately is a local SIM card for their smartphone, so as to avoid paying exorbitant international roaming fees.

Both Etisalat and du have pre-paid options available exclusively to tourists, offering competitive rates for both phone, SMS and mobile data.

As of 1 August, du has expanded their ‘Tourist Plan’ to include a range of offers and discounts valued up to Dhs1,500 for visitors who purchase a SIM card from the carrier.

Offers include 20 per cent off four Uber rides from the date the account is activated, access to discounts on a variety of local attractions via the Entertainer Go app, 50 per cent off Dollar car rentals and 30 per cent off their specialty range of vehicles. Not too shabby.

The plan is valid for 90 days, costs Dhs55 and entitles them to 20 flexible minutes call time, 200MB of data and 20 flexible SMSs.

*Du and Etisalat are getting some competition…*
*A British man ran up a phone bill of over Dhs80k after four days in Dubai*

Etisalat offers a similar ‘Visitor Line’ option with 40 flexible minutes call time, 700MB of data and 40 flexible SMSs for Dhs100. Plus, you get one free Careem ride anywhere in the UAE worth Dhs100.

If you have friends or family coming to visit, this’ll help them keep their holiday expense down and, who knows, they might just use one of those Entertainer vouchers on you to say thanks.

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