It’s the most popular social spot at 40,000 ft

As if flying business or first class on an Emirates A380 wasn’t swanky enough, the Dubai-based airline has gone and dialed things up another notch by revamping the aircraft’s Onboard Lounge, making it even better than before.

What’s the Onboard Lounge, you ask? Well, it’s the place where those travelling on the upper deck of the iconic double decker aircraft can order a cocktail and chat with fellow passengers about the existential choice of poultry over seafood at 40,000 ft. Aka. “the holy grail” for us plebs bumping elbows back in cattle class.

Originally introduced on 1 August, 2008, this latest makeover to the lounge can accommodate up to 26 passengers – seated or standing – and was designed to resemble a private yacht cabin, giving off a more intimate and social vibe.

The centrepiece of the lounge is a fully-stocked bar that serves the finest wines from around the world, as well as premium champagne. Emirates also boasts a crew that includes over 6,000 trained mixologists, with the ability to whip up 14 cocktails made to order. 18 different bar snacks are also available ranging from smoked salmon bagels and fresh fruit skewers to signature arabic pastries. Yum.

A 55in LCD screen hangs at the back of the lounge displaying flight information, or live TV broadcasts of the latest sports and news updates. As part of the refitting, Emirates also offer lounge guests who are Skywards members free WiFi throughout their flight.

The revamped A380 lounge underwent its maiden voyage on a flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur on 1 August 2017, to mark the 9th anniversary of Emirates’ A380 service.

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Image: supplied, Getty