We’re totally digging the Mad Max vibe…

We’re massive fans of the 1950s-influenced food truck park ‘Last Exit’ in Jebel Ali, with its shiny pastel Cadillacs and delicious comfort food options. It’s the perfect pitstop on a drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

But we’ve always been a bit miffed that there wasn’t a similar place to stop and grab a bite to eat at on the drive back. That is until now.

The site’s developer Meraas has just announced that they will be opening a brand new park on August 10 on the opposite side of Sheikh Zayed Road (at exit E11, to be exact)  – this time with a post-apocalyptic future theme.

Dubbed ‘Mad X’, the 500,000 sq ft park is actually the fourth to open since 2016 (the other two being in Al Qudra and Al Khawaneej) and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week just like the others.

It features all manner of awesome end-of-the-world-themed décor, with massive war rigs and monster trucks, as well as oil drum tables, camouflage netting for shade and flickering TV screens for signage. Proper authentic stuff.

Fun fact: a majority of the materials used to make the park have been  upcycled from things like scrap metal, wires, cables, pipes, cars and recycled wood.

It looks awesome, but what about the food?

Don’t worry, there will be no less than 11 of Dubai’s top food trucks on hand to dish out tasty treats to visitors, so there’s no scavenging necessary.

Everything from burgers to bao buns, to Thai and Indian street food will be available.

Here’s the full list of outlets:

Pad Thai
Johnny Rockets
800 Pizza
Hot Chix
Burger Pit
Poco Loco
Jaldi Jaldi
The Stuffed Burger
BBQ on Wheels
Just For Kids
Bao Bun
Sushi Box
Dirty Dogs
My Karak

Here’s a look at the already-open, original Last Exit, on the other side of SZR…

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Image: supplied