It’s time to curb your habit of parking on the curb…

We’ve all seen it before, an oversized SUV parked half-on half-off the sidewalk, its driver having given up on trying to find a proper parking space. Some of us might even be guilty of it ourselves – particularly if you’ve ever tried to find parking in Media City after lunchtime on a weekday. Ugh.

Well, it looks like Dubai Police are about to put the kibosh on that sort of behaviour with the rollout of a new awareness campaign warning of the dangers of parking one’s car on the pavement.

The Al Muraqqabat police station, located near Reef Mall in Deira, issued a statement that in the first half of 2017, 13,482 violations specific to this kind of illegal parking have been recorded, which is up from 8,586 during the same period in 2016.

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One of the main highlights of the campaign is to educate motorists on a pedestrian’s right to free movement, as well as making them aware of the stiff penalties involved in accordance with the recent changes to the UAE’s traffic laws – in this case a Dhs400 fine.

Flyers will be distributed in the area around the police station to help raise awareness, and we’ll just have to go back to driving around aimlessly in the hopes of scoring that perfect parking spot.

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Images: Getty