It’s got everything from flight training to an obstacle course…

Are you a seasoned drone pilot? Or perhaps just quadcopter curious? Either way you’re in luck, as Dubai Police and the Civil Aviation Authority are set to showcase the very latest advancements in drone tech at a two-day event later this month.

Taking place at the Palazzo Versace Hotel between 16-17 October, the UAS Forum (that’s Unmanned Aerial Systems, for those playing at home) will bring together drone manufacturers, and service and component providers with the aim to shed light on how governments and the private sector can use what is currently one of the hottest technologies around.

The event is free to attend for hobbyists and will offer the opportunity to register for an official drone operating permit (again, for free) to those that don’t yet have one.

There will be talks from experts about the application of UAS tech and training session will be held on-site. Plus, an obstacle course will be set up so that budding pilots can show off their flight skills.

Drones have been in the news a lot in recent months with the announcement that they might soon be delivering packages across the city, and the fact that flying one into restricted airspace could land you with a massive fine. Even Costa Coffee got in on the action, using a drone to deliver an ice cold beverage to a beach, even if it was a bit cheesy.

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