There wouldn’t even be enough time to watch an inflight movie…

Dubai is already a pretty strategic place to live if you love travelling, with two-thirds of the world’s population within an eight-hour flight.

But imagine if you could travel anywhere in the world in less than an hour?

Elon Musk has revealed his new scheme to achieve exactly that. Speaking at a conference in Australia over the weekend, the founder of SpaceX said his new mega-rocket – nicknamed the BFR – could not only be used to transport humans to Mars and the moon, but also to whizz passengers between destinations on Earth.

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Flying at a top speed of 27,000km/h, most long-distance trips would take around 30 minutes, the inventor said. The journey between London and Dubai would be cut down to 29 minutes, while Bangkok to Dubai would take just 27 minutes.

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“If you build a ship that is capable of going to Mars, what if you take that spaceship and flew it from one place on Earth to another? So, we did that,” Musk told the conference, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He later added in a post on Instagram that the service would cost the same as an economy seat on a traditional airline.

While it’s not yet known exactly when we’ll be able to zoom to London over our lunch hour, Musk said construction of the rocket should begin within the next year – with the first launch planned for 2022.

Ambitious, yes, but remember, this is the same man who invented the Hyperloop, which is expected to become a reality in the UAE as early as 2020.

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