First the laptop ban, now this…

Just when we thought we could finally travel to the US without hassle, laptops and all, new security measures have been introduced that are likely to create another headache.

Emirates has confirmed that all of its US-bound flights will be subject to further, enhanced security screening measures – starting today (October 26).

What can passengers expect? According to Emirates, the new directive requires passenger pre-screening interviews at the check-in counter or boarding gate.

“These measures will work in complement with the current additional screening measures conducted at the boarding gate (including those for electronic devices),” the airline said in a statement.

“Passengers should allow additional time to be checked in and boarded if travelling to the USA from Dubai International Airport.”

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What has prompted this change? Well, this time the rules actually apply to all airlines flying to the US. According to Reuters, they will affect 180 airlines from 280 airports in 105 countries.

The measures are an alternative to the electronics ban, which only targeted eight Muslim-majority countries (including the UAE). That ban was lifted in July, under the condition that airlines would introduce more stringent security checks on their flights to the US.

However, according to The National, Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad has not received these guidelines, and operations are continuing as usual.

This could be because all passengers travelling to the US from Abu Dhabi Airport already have to go through a special pre-clearance facility for immigration and customs – the only one of its kind in the Middle East.

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