If the road doesn’t get any safer over the next six months, the speed limit could return to 120km per hour…

Remember how the speed limits on both the E311 and E611 were reduced earlier this month?

Both Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311 – this used to be called Emirates Road) and Emirates Road (E611, which used to be called Dubai Bypass Road) now have speed limits of 110 kilometres per hour. The speed limits on these national highways used to be 120 kilometres per hour.


Well, the head of the UAE Federal Traffic Council has said that if the safety of E311 doesn’t improve over the next six months, he will ‘apologise’ and see to it that the road’s speed limit goes back up to 120 km per hour. He says traffic officials will be very transparent with the statistics post-speed-limit-change.

According to Gulf News, Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein tweeted that if the speed limit change doesn’t make a difference to the safety of the E311 road and accident statistics, the speed limit will go back up on March 15 2018:

“When we reduced the speed limit from 120 km per hour to 110 km per hour, our aim was to save lives, and statistics [taken from] before, and then after six months, will determine that. If the comparison results are the same or negative on March 15, then I promise everyone to apologise and work with the RTA to revert to the speed as it was.”

“I will reveal the stats with transparency,” said the Major General.

So, watch this space basically. We’ll keep you updated when the new stats come out.

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