It looks like young Zayed may take an interest in the RTA one day…

HRH Princess Haya shared some super-cute family moments on Instagram this weekend, including this video of 5-year-old Zayed doing some Roads and Transport Authority work in the back garden.

You can tell he’s grown up in Dubai, because the end result looks like a very efficient roundabout system. Click on the video to play:

“Every child has the potential to create something wonderful,” Princess Haya wrote in the video.

The royal told Emirates Woman last year that HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, loves it when his children explore the great outdoors:  “Sheikh Mohammed is great. He believes that the kids need to get dirty every day to have fun! It’s also really good for their immunity.”

Princess Haya also shared a lovely photo of Sheikh Mohammed taking a dip with his two youngest children, Zayed, 5, and Al Jalila, 9.

Sheikh Mohammed has been outspoken about how important he thinks the youth of the Arab world are, and how they are the key to seeing the region flourish.

“We believe that they are faster than us in acquiring and processing knowledge, because they have grown up with tools and techniques that we lacked at their age,” he said in an open letter on LinkedIn last year. His initiatives like the Arab Coder Challenge and his many programmes to boost reading and literacy in the region are all aimed at empowering Arab youth via knowledge and learning.

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