It took photos of the iconic building over a four-year period

Images of the Louvre Abu Dhabi being built have been released and they show the construction site from a very unique angle. Why? Because the photos were taken by Dubai Sat-2, one of the UAE’s satellites.

The photos show the site on Saadiyat Island in 2014, before the museum had been built, and shows an image from each year, until its completion in 2017.

The satellite was built by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (and the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology) – check out this rendering from the Institute below to get an idea of what the satellite flying above us taking snaps of the Louvre’s transformation from a pile of rubble to a stunning building actually looks like.

Of course, the images don’t give you an idea of just how incredible the building itself actually is, but click here and you can read up on just how impressive and unique it really is.

And if you’ve not visited the Louvre yet, check out our preview video below.

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