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Christmas is just around the corner and for many it’s a time for celebration. Sometimes, however, people can take that celebration a bit too far, often running afoul of the many laws in the UAE that differ from those back in their home country.

To that end, the British Embassy has put together a short video aimed at expats that illustrates some of the cultural differences between the UK and the UAE… and the best part is that it’s made completely out of LEGO. How cool is that?

Dubbed A Consular Christmas Carol, the 5-minute stop-motion animation is based on the famous Charles Dickens novel and follows Edward Beaver-Rouge, a recent expat to the UAE, as he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. The spirits show Edward the consequences he could suffer if he fails to adapt his loutish Chirstmas behaviour of old to his new life in the UAE.

“Everybody celebrates differently, but it doesn’t have to end in embarrassment and regret” are the wise words from the ghost of Christmas present, who is represented by a rather cute LEGO Santa Claus.

With more than 100,000 British expats living in the UAE (and another 1.5 million visiting each year) the British Embassy felt it important to remind people that it is possible to have a festive and trouble-free time while still observing the laws and customs of the UAE.

Remember, it is illegal in the UAE to drink or be intoxicated in public, and activities such as dancing in public (outside of licensed clubs or your own home) are considered indecent.

Take the time this Christmas to brush up on some of the laws that you might not realise can get you into trouble in the UAE.

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Images: screengrabs