Base fares will now fluctuate based on the day of the week and time of day.

Ride-hailing app Uber has revealed a new fare structure for all UberSELECT and UberVIP trips in Dubai.

The new structure includes changes to base fares, per-minute and per-kilometre rates, and the booking fee.

In an email sent to customers, Uber said the changes would result in “higher fares on some trips, while fares will be lower on other trips”. You’ll be able to see the fare breakdown in the pricing displayed before booking your ride.

Uber prices in the UAE are going up
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Here is the current fare structure:

Static base fare: Dhs8

Distance: Dhs1.83 per kilometre

Time: Dhs0.5 per minute

Waiting charge: Dhs0.5 per minute

Minimum fare: Dhs17 (excluding booking fee of Dhs3)

Here is the new fare structure:

Dynamic base fare: Dhs5.4/Dhs6.7/Dhs10.6 – varies by day of week and time of day; may change during public holidays.

Distance: Dhs2.25 per kilometre

Time: Dhs0.25 per minute

Waiting charges: Dhs0.5 per minute

Minimum fare: Dhs15 (excluding booking fee of Dhs5)

So, how much will my trips cost?

We did a little bit of math to figure out just how much these changes could cost, or save, you.

Let’s say you’re doing a trip from Media City to Dubai Marina – about 6km in 10 minutes (we’ve also thrown in a waiting time of 3 minutes for good measure).

Under the current fare structure, that journey would cost you Dhs28.48.

Under the new fare structure, the same trip could cost you either Dhs27.9, Dhs29.2, or Dhs33.1, depending on what day or time you order the Uber.

So yes, unfortunately it sounds like the potential savings are rather minimal – and you’re definitely going to want to avoid that expensive period.

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