That’s even quicker than travelling between airport terminals

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Abu Dhabi is building its own Hyperloop track by 2020, it was revealed that there may be plans underway to implement a similar high-speed transport route between Dubai’s two major airports.

The reveal came during a panel discussion on Monday at the Arabian Travel Market about the future of Hyperloop and travel infrastructure in the UAE and GCC. Panelists from Emirates, Virgin Hyperloop One and Dubai Airports noted that such a route would significantly reduce travel times between Dubai International and Al Maktoum International airports to under 10 minutes.

Typically, travel between both airports takes around 45 minutes by car (depending on traffic, of course), but a Hyperloop system could cut this down to as little as six minutes each way. That would make travelling between airports quicker than moving between terminals at DXB!


“Looking to the future, having both Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) as key stations on the hyperloop system is essential,” noted Michael Ibbitson, Executive Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology Dubai Airports.

He went on to say that creating such a fast connection between airports could open up the ability for an airline like Emirates (which currently only operates out of DXB) to effectively and efficiently work from both hubs.

While no firm dates were given for when we might expect the route to begin construction, it does bode well that we’ve been seeing a swell of Hyperloop related news in recent months.

The RTA announced plans back in 2016 to evaluate the feasibility of a Hyperloop system in Dubai and nearing emirates, and it seems that the results of this might finally be coming to fruition.

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