Careem’s base fares will now fluctuate based on the time of day.

Last month Uber revealed a new fare structure for trips in Dubai, and local ride-hailing app Careem is following suit.

In an email to customers, Careem said the new structure for its Economy service would see some fares slightly lower than before and some slightly higher, based on the time of day.

Its Careem Kids service for children would also see the introduction of a Dhs7 surcharge – but “more affordable overall fares”, the email said.

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Here is the current fare structure for Careem Economy:

Starting fare: Dhs8

Minimum fare: Dhs16.5

Moving fare/km: Dhs2.24

Waiting fare/hour: Dhs58.4

Here is the new fare structure:

Starting fare: Dhs5.4/6.7/10.6 depending on time of day

Minimum fare: Dhs15

Moving fare/km: Dhs2.38

Waiting fare/hour: Dhs51.5

The new fares come into effect on Monday, May 7. GO Beta and Business fares are not affected by the changes.

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