Some eagle-eyed users noticed their network name change on Thursday afternoon

Network providers have recently changed their network name to Labour Day, to mark World Labour Day, Zayed Humanitarian Day, in honour of the day dedicated to the the good deeds and achievements of the late Sheikh Zayed. And today eagle-eyed mobile phone users in Dubai may have noticed another change, that their network reads ‘UAE KSA Together’. 

Why? Well, Saudi Arabia’s mobile operator Saudi Telecom Company (STC) also made the change earlier today, with Gulf News citing the reason as a movement of support for the historic meeting of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council in Jeddah on Wednesday evening.

Currently, the change appears to only apply to phones on the du network.

This isn’t the first time that UAE KSA Together’ has appeared on mobile devices. Back in September last year, both du and etisalat changed their network names to ‘UAE KSA Together’ to celebrate Saudi National Day.

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