Dubai is the only city in the GCC to crack the top 10

Last week we reported on a study that placed Dubai amongst the top cities in the world with the highest average salaries – good news for sure. According to a new report, however, Dubai residents have been found to be working a lot longer than their counterparts in Europe to justify that salary bump.

Swiss bank UBS published its 2018 ‘Prices and Earnings’ report that ranks Dubai sixth out of 77 cities surveyed, with an average of 2,323.0 hours worked per year.

Mumbai ranked first with 3,314.7, while Hanoi and Mexico City came in second and third with 2,691.4 and 2,622.1 hours worked per year, respectively.

Dubai was the only city in the GCC to crack the top 10, with Doha coming in closest at 13th place with 2,249.6 hours per year.

The top 10 list breaks down as follows:

  1. Mumbai, India – 3,314.7
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam, – 2,691.4
  3. Mexico City, Mexico – 2,622.1
  4. New Delhi, India – 2,511.4
  5. Bogota, Colombia – 2,357.8
  6. Dubai, UAE – 2,323.0
  7. Istanbul, Turkey – 2,318.6
  8. Seoul, South Korea – 2,307.2
  9. Manila, Philippines – 2,288.8
  10. Nairobi, Kenya – 2,285.4

According to Gulf Business, Dubai residents, on average, work up to 38 percent more hours a year than people in some European cities like Rome, Paris and Copenhagen which were ranked at the bottom of the list.

The Nigerian city of Lagos had the lowest annual working hours recorded with just 609.4 hours a year.

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