The Dubai-based airline could replace windows with virtual screens that project images from outside

Are you an aisle or window seat kind of person? That might soon not matter as much as reports indicate that Emirates is considering completely windowless aircraft in its future.

But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to look wistfully out at the passing clouds because the Dubai-based airline has a plan: it wants to replace them with virtual ones.

These virtual windows (read: screens) would project images from outside the aircraft using fiber-optic cameras that could potentially provide a clearer image than the foggy plexiglass of regular windows. And why stop there? Surely, Emirates could project whatever they want onto the screens – may we suggest a babbling brook for more nervous flyers?

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Emirates president Sir Tim Clark told the BBC that removing windows from its planes had the advantage of making them lighter, thereby burning less fuel and allowing the aircraft to fly faster and higher. Something we can all get behind!

And it doesn’t look like this windowless future might be that far off. The virtual windows have already been rolled out in the first class cabin of Emirate’s latest Boeing 777-300ER plane. Can the rest of the fleet be much further behind?

For a look at what a completely windowless aircraft might look like far off into the future, check out this neat concept video:

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