You’ll get hooked to this sport…

Dubai is no stranger to adventure activities. What with a huge desert on our doorstep we have plenty of room to muck about when we feel like it.

Paramotoring is perhaps something that you haven’t come across before, but once you give it a go, it’s difficult not to book another session soon after.

Watch as we explore the desert from above…

Strapped into a seat with a propeller on the back and a parachute above you, many say it is the safest form of air travel. Should the propeller fail, the parachute will simply slowly bring you back to the ground – granted, you may be in the middle of the desert so radio contact is a must.

Flying at various altitudes with a maximum height of 1000 feet and flying at speeds such as 120km/h… it’s a thrilling experience, best done at sunrise when the light catches the sand dunes in stunning ways.

And what a wonderful place the desert is, from above you realize the amount of life that roams the golden landscape. Herds of camels, gazelles and working farms dotted all over, the desert can be a lively place. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the Dubai Lake too.

We went paramotoring at SkyHub Dubai on the Al Ain road where you can book a 20-30-minute tandem flight for Dhs750. Book at

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