The changes are said to coincide with the new speed limit laws that have just come into effect…

It’s a brave new world in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The 20km/hr speed limit buffer that motorists had grown accustomed to was officially scrapped on Sunday, August 12 and readjusting to a life of driving within the marked speed limit will likely take some getting used to.

To that end, it appears that the current fines for speeding will also see some changes to coincide with the removal of the speed limit buffer.

The National reports that drivers caught driving above the speed limit will have their fines reduced from Dhs600 to Dhs300 – that’s a 50 per cent cut.

*Big changes to speed limits on all Abu Dhabi roads from next month*

This could prove to be extremely helpful as, under the new law, if a driver is caught exceeding the speed limit by over even 1km/hr they will be penalised. This is the case on all internal and external roads in the capital and the surrounding emirate.

The changes to the speed limit laws are a result of studies conducted by police based on the road accidents index and traffic density on the roads and are designed to help reduce accidents and increase road safety.

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