It’s the small details that make a big impact.

Dubai is a place of big things. Huge buildings, enormous shopping malls, giant landmarks.

But this means the more simple pleasures are often overlooked – and when it comes down to it, it’s these things that make our city such an amazing place to be (even though they might not be making it into the Guinness World Records anytime soon).

We’ve compiled a list of little things about Dubai that fill us with happiness…

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1. STARTING THE WEEK ON A SUNDAY: While your friends back home are struggling to get out of bed on a Monday, we’re already well past the hurdle.

2. SO MANY PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: And the sense of anticipation while waiting for the moon sighting to be confirmed to find out what days we’re getting off.

3. BEACH DAYS IN WINTER: Not too hot, not too cold – conditions are perfect.

4. LEMON MINT DRINK: We don’t think we’ve ever tried a more refreshing beverage.

5. CHIPS OMAN SANDWICHES: With a generous splash of hot sauce, of course. 

6. AIR CON EVERYWHERE: Even in the bus stops.

7. THE TURTLE LAGOON AT JUMEIRAH AL NASEEM: A luxury hotel with a turtle rescue and rehabilitation facility (that you can actually go and visit). Amazing.

8. THE DUBAI CAMEL HOSPITAL: Yes, there’s a hospital just for camels.

9. DUBAI HAPPINESS STREET: We want to live there.

10. FRIENDLY TAXI DRIVERS: Some know more about our national cricket team than we do.

11. STREET CRICKET: Every Friday, in a parking lot near you.

12. THE TRICKY NAKHEEL METRO STOP: And the hilarious looks of surprise on passengers’ faces when the door unexpectedly opens on the opposite side.

13. ABRA RIDES: Public transport has never felt so intrepid – and it only costs a dirham.

14. RANDOM ARABIC WORDS: “Inshallah” is now part of our daily vocabulary.

15. ALL THE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AND ACCENTS: Dubai really is a linguist’s paradise.

16. HEARING THE CALL TO PRAYER: We think it’s such a beautiful, soothing sound.

17. BLUE SKIES: It’s an obvious one, but Dubai’s sunny weather really does lift your spirits.

18. CLOUDY SKIES: Especially when you get all that moody fog swirling around the Burj Khalifa.

19. RAINY DAYS: They’re rare, but when they happen, it’s so exciting.

20. POCKETS OF GREENERY: You’ll find us at Zabeel Park in winter.

21. MEN HAVE BEAUTIFUL FACIAL HAIR: Gents’ salons really know how to work their magic.


23. GOING TO THE MOVIES: Because there aren’t many other places where you can use your credit card to score two-for-one tickets.

24. AND MIXING POPCORN FLAVOURS: We’ll have the salt/caramel/cheese trifecta, please (with a scoop of M&Ms).

25. FREE ARABIC BREAD AT RESTAURANTS: Which goes perfectly with the…

26. BEST HUMMUS EVER: It’s practically its own food group in this part of the world.

27. AND MANAKISH: It’s the pizza of the Middle East.

28. AND SHAWARMA: Need we say more?

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