Year-round inspections are underway to catch out the unlicensed cabs…

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed that it has ramped up efforts to catch drivers of unlicensed taxis that can often be found waiting for passengers leaving the arrivals area at Dubai International airport.

These so-called ‘taxis’ are not officially sanctioned by the RTA and oftentimes can end up being more expensive than a regular cab or car-hailing service like Uber or Careem. They prey on unsuspecting tourists and residents, souring the reputation of the city, and the RTA has begun carrying out ongoing inspections to crackdown on their unlawful practices.

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“The site teams of RTA carry out year-round inspection campaigns in several areas of Dubai to spot offences and illegal activities. They also monitor attitudes undermining the tourist profile of Dubai as a metropolitan city offering premium services to residents, visitors and tourists from all over the world” said Mohammed Waleed Nabhan, Director of Transport Activities Monitoring at the RTA.

The initiative is one in a series of move that the government body has actioned in recent months to curb illegal activities on public transport including fare dodging on public busses.

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