Want to know how to get your motorcycle licence in the UAE? You’ve come to the right place…

For many, it’s a dream to hop on a motorcycle and experience the freedom and rebel spirit of the open road. While it’s possible to dirt bike or motocross in the desert without a licence, it’s sensible to consider getting a motorcycle licence to equip you with all the right knowledge you need to ride safe – especially if, like us, you catch rider’s rush and want to ride All. The. Time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a motorcycle licence in Dubai…

Step 1: Visit Al Ahli Driving School

Ideally go early, around 8am on Saturday when it’s not as busy. Bring along your Emirates ID, passport and your visa, as well as a valid Dubai driving licence. Some residents may also need a signed and stamped No Objection Letter. At the counter, you’ll need to hand in these documents, and cough up payment. Our license cost around Dhs4,690 and included all the paperwork, lectures, theory test, practical lessons (every Fri and Sat, two hours per day), plus the test itself. Most students will need to complete 15 hours of practical sessions, before they can take their practical test. You’ll also have to complete an eye test at the centre, which you can do on the same day. Once this is done, you’ll be issued a learner’s permit.

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Step 2: Attend 8 hours of lectures

Before even getting onto a bike, everyone must attend eight hour-long lectures, which take place at Al Ahli Driving School. You’ll be given a schedule of lecture times and can choose what timings suit you. After each lecture, your teacher will sign and stamp your learner’s permit as proof of attendance. Once you have completed the lectures you will have one week to pass your theory test.

Step 3: Sit for the theory test

The theory test consists of 40 questions. To pass, you’ll need to correctly answer 30 or more. You’ll have 45 minutes to complete the test. Once you’ve passed, you can schedule your practical lessons.

Step 4: Attend 15 hours of practical lessons

Training takes place in ‘The Yard’ – a controlled area outside at Al Ahli Driving School. In your first lesson, you’ll learn where everything is on the bike (key, fuel switch, indicators, headlight, horn, etc). Then you’ll need to find these on command while keeping your eyes forward. From there you’ll be guided through levels 1, 2 and 3 of practical lessons, which involve riding around The Yard via a specific route that takes you through cones, practicing emergency stops, indicating, turning, and travelling slowly.

After around 12 hours of Yard training you’ll be ready to take on the roads of Al Quoz. You’ll don a high-vis vest and ride in convoy along a specific route with an instructor. Expect to hear a lot of beeping from your instructor as you’re bound to make a lot of mistakes!

Step 5: Pass the Al Ahli Driving School assessments

Before the driving centre allows you to sit for the official RTA test, you will need to pass their internal assessment, both on the road and in the yard.

Step 6: Pass the RTA tests

If you pass the internal tests, the driving centre will book you in for two RTA tests. Again, one on the road and in the yard. If you pass, you’ll be eligible to ride a motorcycle in Dubai. If you fail, you’ll need to rebook your test again. Fail five times and you’ll have to complete more lessons before you’re allowed to resit your RTA test.


How long does the whole process take? If you take lessons every weekend, and pass all your tests first time, you can complete the whole process in just over two months.

How much does it cost? Our license cost around Dhs4,690 and included all the paperwork, lectures, theory test, practical lessons (every Fri and Sat, two hours per day), plus the test itself.

What should I wear to the practical lessons? Students must wear heavy-duty ankle boots, full length sleeves shirt and full length trousers. You must also have a helmet with a visor, plus elbow and knee pads.

For more information about getting your motorcycle license in Dubai, visit alahlidubai.ae

Images: Al Ahli Instagram