Go deep under the sea, wander through rainforests and walk in the tracks of African animals…

We’re living in a world of climate change that is becoming increasingly more eco-conscious and the idea of ‘sustainability’ is more talked about than ever. But what does it all really mean?

Well, the Terra Exhibition at the Sustainability Pavillion at Dubai Expo 2020 aims to explain, telling the story of the connection and impact between humankind and nature.

The latest exhibition reveal from Expo 2020 aims to inspire visitors by highlighting key environmental issues, bringing them to life using huge colourful models and artwork produced with cutting edge architecture and technology.

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The entire exhibition will be an interactive experience, with the effect of single use-plastic waste on marine life shown through a huge model of a deep sea fish whose system is blocked with plastic. Elsewhere, visitors can walk through elephant footprints and through cheetah tracks in the Arabian Wadi. There’s also going to be a huge balance maze on which people have to work together to restore the earth’s balance – aiming to show harmony for humans and the future.

A definite must-see, it’s set to be a real eye-opener for visitors, with a few handy tips a long the way to educate on the small lifestyle changes we can all make to do our part for the environment.

The theme of sustainability runs throughout, right down to the food packaging, with the exhibition showcasing re-usable light and energy sources and sustainable technologies and showing solutions to environmental problems in the ‘Laboratory of Future Values’. We’re suitably intrigued.

Dubai successfully won the rights to Expo 2020 back in 2013 and has been preparing ever since for this super-sized exhibition that will see participating nations all come together to exhibit their feats in every sector from industrial to scientific to technological.

More than 192 countries will be represented at Expo 2020, with the site split into three main Pavilions; Opportunity Pavilion, Mobility Pavilion and Sustainability Pavilion. A UAE Pavilion also features in the main site.

Located near the Al Maktoum International Airport, Expo 2020 will run from October 20 2020 to April 2021.

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Images: Supplied