Implementation has been postponed by two years to give food establishments more time to prepare…  

In May 2019, Dubai Municipality announced that restaurant across the city would be required ot display the calorie count of all dishes by January 2020. However, a Dubai Municipality official confirmed to Gulf News that establishments will in fact have two years to implement the change.

The news was confirmed by Khalid Mohammad Sherif Al Awadhi, CEO of the environment, health and safety control sector at Dubai Municipality who stated that the decision to postpone the time frame was to “allow enough time for the industry to prepare itself.”

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While food establishments now have more time to wear out their calculators, the Dubai Municipality is still encouraging restaurants to declare their food’s calorie content.

“Several companies have already come forward to do it voluntarily,” Al Awadhi said. “We have already got confirmation from around 700 entities that they will be displaying calories in their menus.”

Studies have shown that obesity is a problem in the UAE, in particular with the younger generation. Doctors have raised concerns and the country has seen an increase in programmes related to health and exercise over the last five years.

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The Dubai Municipality hopes that by displaying the calorie content, diners will be encouraged to think more carefully about what they’re putting into their bodies, and make smarter, healthier choices.

For now, while its okay to indulge in a calorific meal now and then, remember, to always balance it out by throwing in a good workout too.

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