The rule applies to the audience members as well as the staff…

Picture this: You’re at the theatre, and you’re completely invested in the scene unfolding on the stage before you. Just when the drama is about to hit its pinnacle moment, out of no-where, a phone ringtone to the sound of Mariah Carey’s – All I want for Christmas is You fills the atmosphere and ruins, what could have possibly been the best moment of the night.

We know most of you don’t have to think long and hard about a similar situation you’ve faced in the past… well, thanks to a new strict rule by the Courtyard Playhouse – this will now be an issue of the past.


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A post on the official Courtyard Playhouse Instagram reads ‘Put it away. The Courtyard Playhouse has decided to adopt a very strict no-phone zone in our auditoriums”

The Instagram post continues to state that the rule will apply to all, including the Playhouse staff.

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Not only is it incredibly distracting for the actors on stage, but it’s also disrespectful to actors and audience members around you to leave your phone on loud during a performance.

Which is why the Courtyard Playhouse is counting on your support, ‘because there is nothing more frustrating to fellow theatre goers and performers than someone using their phone’. We agree.

The caption alongside the post continues the train of thought stating ‘The idea is to allow people to be swept up into a shared mood during our workshops & showcases without disruption.”

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