Halloween is just around the corner…

Okay, so it might still only be September, but for some of us the arrival of Autumn and impending Halloween celebrations make this one of the most exciting times of the year.

And what better way to mark Halloween on October 31, than getting your pals together and carving your own spooky pumpkin creations. But where do you get them from in Dubai, we hear you ask?

Well, online grocery service, Kibsons, have just launched their very own pumpkin pre-ordering service, so so you won’t be without a pumpkin the week before Halloween if your nearest store is sold out.

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You can order yours online anytime between now and October 12, and it’ll be delivered to your door between October 23 and 25.

Pumpkins range from tiny 5cm pumpkins in orange or white priced at Dhs9, up to a 30cm tall pumpkin, available for Dhs90.

Others that are available include the medium pumpkin at 25cm (Dhs55), a pie pumpkin at 15cm (Dhs25) or a ‘wee-be-little’ at 8cm. Our personal favourite is the Warty Minion pumpkin (Dhs30), which is flown all the way over from the US and is covered in warty green moss, making it the perfect addition to your spooky decorations.

Whether your pumpkin carving style is carefully created artist or you prefer to make it up as you go, it’s the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Have a spooktacular Halloween…


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