The 50 per cent fine discount is available on ‘non-dangerous’ violations accrued before December 22, 2019…

If you live in Abu Dhabi, or often make the daily commute there from Dubai via car, chances are you may have accumulated a few traffic fines along the way.

However, you could now be eligible for up to 50 per cent off any accrued traffic fines for traffic violations committed in Abu Dhabi before Sunday, December 22, 2019 as long as the existing fine amount is paid within three months.

The news was announced on Wednesday December 18 via Abu Dhabi Police’s official Twitter account, where they also specified some vehicles that have been impounded, and some black points, might also be cancelled.

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You may be eligible for 75 percent off your traffic fines this month

That’s not all: Drivers that have broken traffic rules could also be eligible for up to 35 per cent off their fines if they pay them within 60 days of receiving them.

Missed the 60 day deadline? You can still get up to 25 per cent off your fine if you pay it within one year from getting it but there will be no alternatives for late payment fines or vehicle impoundments.

If you miss the one year deadline from when your violation was recorded, you’ll have to pay the original amount with no discounts applied.

The new rules come as part of the new ‘Early Payment’ scheme, which is applicable to all violations unless they’ve been cited as ‘dangerous’. Traffic prosecution members can revoke discounts on fines where they see fit.