This 54 tonne fire engine – made almost entirely of fibreglass – was made right here in Dubai..

Thought you had a pretty good idea of what a fire engine looked like? Big? Red? Flashing lights? Well now, a brand new one – the world’s largest – has been unveiled in Dubai, and it’s nothing like you’d imagine.

The sleek Falcon 8×8, made by NAFFCO (National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO), made its debut at world-famous safety, security and fire protection exhibition, Dubai Intersec on January 21. It took place at Dubai’s World Trade Centre.

The state-of-the-art fire engine, designed to combat airport fires, was made right here in Dubai in Jebel Ali. Traditional design, however, goes out of the window when it comes to the new model. It shuns the usual red colouring in favour of a slick black design with yellow accents.


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Weighing in at an eye-watering 54 tonnes, the tank, cabin and body covers of the Falcon 8×8 are all made out of fibreglass. It has not one, but two engines that combine to produce more than 1400 horsepower, meaning it’s pretty fast for an emergency vehicle of this size.

Along with its already impressive credentials, the world-first fire engine has the capacity to hold up to 18, 000 litres of water as well as DCP extinguishers to combat a range of fires.

The Falcon 8×8 revealed at the exhibition was a model, with the other vehicles still in production. NAFFCO also exhibited their high-tech Ford Rescue Vehicles and Ambulances at the Dubai Intersec.


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