The move aims to improve emergency response times…

Ambulances in the UAE are to be fitted with smart technology which will allow them to control the signals at traffic lights. Although ambulances can pass through red lights without consequence, heavy traffic can often lead to a build up of cars unable to move out of the way.

Fitting the vehicles with traffic-controlling technology will allow the ambulances to easily change traffic lights from red to green. The smart technology will also allow paramedics to transmit the details of their patient to the hospital ahead of arrival.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) announced the news during this week’s Arab Health 2020 exhibition, taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre until January 30. As 2020 is the year of the preparing for the next 50 years, MOHAP is exploring its plans for future healthcare developments.

“The traditional ambulances will be upgraded to a smart one, where the caller who requests the service can locate the nearest ambulance through GPS system and select the best route to reach the hospital. Additionally, the ambulances will be equipped with a traffic signal alarm through the IoT system to turn the signal into the green color once the ambulance is approaching,” said Dr. Kalthoum Al Baloushi, director of MoHAP’s Hospitals Administration.

Using digital and medical technology innovations, MOHAP hopes to improve emergency response to reach a ‘record time’. The UAE Centennial 2071, states the aim to make the UAE one of the world’s best countries in healthcare.

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