The emergency service vehicles will blast messages to drivers not giving way…

Dubai emergency service vehicles can now interrupt car radio networks to warn motorists of oncoming ambulances. Drivers who don’t give way to emergency vehicles already face a hefty fine, plus black points on their license and car impoundment for not clearing the road when necessary.

The ambulance drivers can transmit messages into the nearby cars to alert any drivers not already aware of the oncoming vehicle. Adding this transmitter feature is part of Dubai Ambulance’s Give Way Give Hope campaign, which aims to reduce the amount of delays caused by drivers blocking emergency vehicles.

Dubai Police shared a tweet with an example message of the warning shared: “Attention, emergency vehicle approaching! Kindly give way” it said. One Twitter user posted a video of a scenario in which the radio takeover occurred in his car.

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On July 1, 2019, the fine for motorists who don’t give away to emergency vehicles increased to Dhs3,000 plus six black points and 30 days car impoundment. Cars who follow the emergency vehicle as a means of cutting through traffic can also be fined, as this causes danger for themselves and others on the road.

This year has already seen 121 vehicles fined for not moving despite seeing the flashing lights and hearing sirens blaring, which the Ministry of Interior said earlier this year ‘endangers their lives and the lives of others’.

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Images: Twitter