Fun House was one of the biggest British children’s TV shows of the ’80s and ’90s and it’s taking over two McGettigan’s locations for a pair of special brunches in March…

You remember Fun House right? The twins, go-karts and balloon pits? That real whacky show, where anything could go? These were the glory days of Fun House, hosted by Pat Sharp whose own mullet (see below) was the second most magnificent thing on TV (with the first obviously being Des Lynam’s mustache).

It was essential UK TV viewing back in the days before even dial-up was a thing. In an era where radio-recorded mixtapes were king, the mullet hairstyle was in full bloom and trolling was done almost exclusively through the medium of classroom-passed notes.

And it’s Pat Sharp that will be leading these two Fun House brunches. The first of which will be a three-hour evening brunch at McGettigan’s Abu Dhabi on Thursday March 19. The Dubai brunch will take place at McGettigan’s JLT on Friday March 20, between 1pm and 5pm.

Fun House Landlord Sharp will, of course, be bringing his record bag full of NOW! throwback hits from the 80s and 90s to both venues. The era-appropriate dress code isn’t being strictly enforced, but you’re not gonna get many opportunities this perfect to bust out the spandex from the back of your wardrobe.

There’s a refreshingly old school price tag to complement the nostalgic theme. It’s just Dhs199 for the three-course meal and free-flowing drinks between 8pm and 11pm at McGettigans’s Abu Dhabi. Or Dhs230 for the 1pm to 5pm Dubai day brunch on Friday March 20.

Tickets are on sale now and are expected to sell out so don’t take too long to ‘mullet’ over…



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McGettigan’s Al Raha Beach Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, 8pm to 11pm, Thursday March 19, Dhs199 per person. Tel: (02) 6524333 or book on

 McGettigan’s JLT, Next to Bonnington, Friday March 20, 1pm to 5pm, Dhs230 per person. Tel: (04) 3560470

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