The page is packed full of useful information and resources…

Avoid fake news and stay informed with verified facts about the coronavirus situation in the UAE and beyond, with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi’s (DOH) new COVID-19 website.

To help you stay on top of this constantly evolving situation, the online tool has a bunch of useful features including information hotlines and all the latest updates on domestic and international coronavirus news.

There’s a map with up-to-date, country-by-country coronavirus case information, complete with an interactive sidebar where you can ask questions about the virus.

Get proactive about protecting your health with the current list of countries where all non-essential travel is advised against and check the handy breakdown of best preventative practices.

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For those concerned that they may be infected, there’s a list of symptoms, information on what to do if you are displaying symptoms, and effective self-quarantine procedures.

There are also some handy myth-busting FAQs, because there have been some pretty wild stories circulating that have no basis in truth. For example, contrary to popular belief, COVID-19 cannot be transmitted by mosquito bite or using products made in China; cold weather and snow do not kill the virus, neither do antibiotics or garlic.

You’ll also find useful phone numbers for various authorities in the UAE:

Contact the Department of Health on (800) 1717, the Ministry of Health & Prevention on (800) 11111, and the Dubai Health Authority on (800) 342.

Images: Unsplash/DOH