Up to 30 per cent of employees to be permitted per office…

In more positive news that Dubai is slowly returning to normal, the city’s work offices and buildings are now allowed to reopen, in a limited capacity.

A partial reduction on the restrictions on movement in the emirate was announced on April 24, by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management.

An earlier circular issued by the Government of Dubai and Dubai Economy on April 22, outlines the government’s plans during the reopening of certain sectors of the city, including malls, shops and public transport.

Under the section named ‘offices and office buildings restrictions’, the plan outlines that all offices can open for 9 hours per day, however work hours must not exceed 8 hours.

A maximum capacity of 30 per cent staff can work in an office, with the other 70 per cent continuing to work from home, in order to adhere to social distancing rules.

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There’s, understandably, a hefty list of restrictions and protocols that offices must follow to ensure the safety of their employees whilst they are at work.

Extensive 24-hour sanitisation measures include cleaning all areas of the building and office including toilets after each use. All common areas and pantries are to be closed.

Upon entrance of the building or office, all employees and visitors will be required to undergo temperature screening and checks. If anyone shows any symptoms, they will be prohibited from entering and sent home.

Additionally, all staff and visitors must wear face masks at all times during their time spent in offices and office building. Hand sanitisers and face masks are to be purchased and provided by building management and companies.

A 2-metre distance is to be kept between people at all times, in elevators, common areas and offices. Valet parking will not be provided to employees or visitors at any point during this period.

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