All you need is an exercise bike, smart phone and smart watch…

If you’re a keen cyclist in Dubai we’re sure you’re dreaming of the days that you can get back out on one of the city’s many cycling tracks. For now, Dubai Sports Council are offering you the next best thing.

If you own an exercise bike, you can take part in a city-wide virtual cycling race from your own home, so if you were lacking exercise-incentive during lockdown, here it is.

To take part in the ‘2.1km Be Fit Be Safe Sprint Challenge’, all you need to do is download the Dubai cycling app. You’ll need to do the challenge every day between April 12 and April 17, and participants will receive virtual medals for their efforts.

You must register through the Dubai Cycling app and sync your smart watch for progress tracking. Dubai Sports Council are encouraging participants to share their home workouts on social media, tagging @DubaiSC and using the hashtag #DSCchallenge, so make sure you’re donning your best active wear

The Cycle Challenge is part of Dubai Sports Council’s “Be Fit, Be Safe” campaign which encourages Dubai residents to stay active whilst keeping safe at home. Its had backing from some top footballing stars, such as Ryan Giggs, Michel Salgado and Luis Figo.

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As part of the campaign, Dubai Media Office Twitter posted a special video of Manchester United FC legend, Ryan Giggs, who stressed that whilst he ‘knows it’s a difficult time, try to find the time, during the day, to exercise.’

The new challenge aimed at cyclists of any age or ability follows the success of the ‘Marathon at Home’ which took place on April 10. Over 700 Dubai residents ran a total of 42,195 kilometres in their own homes, using a treadmill or even just running on balconies or in the garden.

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