It’s the latest contribution of the ‘Together We Are Good’ campaign…

Parents in Abu Dhabi hit by the economic shockwave of the Covid-19 pandemic can now apply for support to help pay school fees.

This very welcome news for struggling families comes courtesy of Abu Dhabi Government’s ‘Together We Are Good’ campaign, a collection of initiatives to help manage the fallout of the current global health crisis.

The platform offers financial support to those who have found themselves without a job, are on unpaid leave, have taken a salary reduction or are self-employed and have had their income reduced.

Those impacted can apply for a financial hand on the website now, simply by filling out a short form or calling the toll-free helpline on (800) 3088.

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If you’d like to know who to thank for the school fee support initiative, it came from a collaboration between Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, and the Authority of Social Contribution.

A coalition of care that’s also responsible for a commitment to providing pandemic-affected families with distance learning equipment. Ensuring no children gets left behind in the Covid upheaval.

The ‘Together We Are Good’ campaign operates with funding donations from private individuals and corporations. It focuses on providing medical and educational aid, as well as financial support for food and basic living expenses.

Those keen to pay a little back can also sign up for volunteering shifts on the website.

Images: Twitter/Unsplash