Can LPM replicate the fine-dining experience at home?

Now that we’ve reached a point when we’re struggling to remember the last time we went to an actual restaurant, the novelty of self-quarantine is wearing thin. We miss all of the great points about heading out for dinner: the atmosphere, the service, but most importantly, the food.

The launch of several fine-dining restaurants’ delivery service was music to our ears. The fact that we can enjoy all of our favourite posh dishes from our sofa is something to behold, but can you replicate the fine-dining experience at home?

One experiment we couldn’t wait to test out was LPM. DIFC’s long-standing popular French Mediterranean restaurant launched its home delivery service via Deliveroo last week.

The first thing that tells you this is no ordinary food delivery, are the stunning customised canvas bags which are presented at the door. Each one has a unique painted design, and can be reused to stylish food shopping in the future.

An accompanying note offers a curated Spotify playlist, offering a 1.15pm or 7pm soundtrack, which perfectly sets the mood of our meal. Classic French songs mentally transport us out of our living room and onto the Côte d’Azur.


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Whoever said ‘good things come in small packages’ must’ve been talking about LPM’s mini baguettes. Each cob comes wrapped in brown paper and neatly tied with care. Sheer drawstring bags hold lemon, tomato and oil, with a note encouraging diners to create their own salad.

Just as it is in the restaurant, the gratin dauphinois (Dhs56) is our favourite dish at home too. The creamy, cheese infused slices of potato is the ultimate comfort food to see us through the current challenging times.

A special mention must also go to the buratta et tomates (Dhs120), which travels well across town to offer an experience similar to that in DIFC. The outer seal of cheese is firm and bouncy, while the middle melts in the mouth, complimented by fresh and fruity cherry tomatoes.


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From the selection of fish available, we opt for the bar du chili grillé (Dhs305). Chilean bass is grilled, offering maximum flavour and doused in oil which locks in the filet’s moisture.

Mini mocktails (from Dhs38) come in small glass bottles, complete with ice and garnish, ready to be shaken or stirred, depending on instructions.

To finish off with a sweet treat, we recommend the barre de chocolat au café (Dhs70). An indulgent slice of coffee and chocolate topped with popcorn, nuts and biscuit pieces which is neither too rich nor overpowering. Just the right amount of reward while you relax in front of your Netflix binge-athon.

As much as we wish we could enjoy the lively atmosphere of this iconic restaurant, having the experience brought to our door is the next best thing.

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