It’s part of Alserkal Avenue’s ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme…

Ramadan officially started on April 24, and during the holy month, there is a particular focus on helping those in need.

Eclectic event space and restaurant Inked in Alserkal Avenue are doing their bit, by using their kitchens to cook meals for front-line healthcare workers and vulnerable communities in Dubai.

At the moment, Inked are producing up to 100 meals per day, however they are looking to extend this to 300 per day. All food will be donated to the Dubai Food Bank.

They have been cooking meals using donations from their suppliers who have been left with extra food due to restaurant closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative also links to Alserkal Avenue’s new ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme, in which the Avenue’s management waived rent for its tenants for the next three months.

In return, those owning art galleries and businesses in Alserkal Avenue will have to ‘pay forward’ the art of kindness from the rent waiver, to someone else in the art community be it a charitable donation, or barter service.

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Those benefiting from the free meals include those facing a lack of food in areas such as Al Ras and Al Quoz. The Dubai Health Authority is to distribute the free meals to those working on the front line.

Inked are currently looking for support to continue their work, hoping to receive donations of Dhs25 per meal. There’s an option for companies to sponsor.

A number of businesses on Alserkal Avenue have stepped forward to lend a hand to Inked. This has included selling artwork and all money received will go to Inked.

Patrick Jarjour, part of the team behind the initiative said, “we are taking all the measures to bring back some of the team members and put them in one location where they can be safe, and after that to raise our capacity to 300 meals a day.

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