Time to bring in those paddling pools…

Many of us have been out in our gardens and on our balconies making the most of the heatwave over the past weekend in the UAE. It looks like it’s time to pack up those paddling pools and bring in the garden furniture, though, as rainfall and some thunderstorms are expected across the UAE this week.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) announced the dramatic change in this weeks’ weather on their Twitter account. We can expect a slight drop in temperatures, reaching up to 37 degrees celsius over internal and coastal areas. Winds are expected to be moderate to strong, causing reduced visibility.

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On Monday April 13, the outlook is expected to be hazy and cloudy, with a chance of scattered rainfall in some areas. We can expect much of the same on Tuesday April 14 with strong winds reaching up to a speed of 50km/ph, reducing visibility in some areas.

Scattered rain will continue on Wednesday April 15 with thunder and lightening expected to shake things up in some parts of the UAE, joined by moderate to strong winds. It will still be cloudy on Thursday April 16, with more rainfall, thunder and lightening. The weather is expected to feel humid on Thursday night.

Humidity is expected to continue from Thursday evening into the morning of Friday April 17, however it’s set to clear up later on in the day, with light clouds expected, leaving it a mostly fair day. Winds are predicted to have calmed down by Friday too, reaching speeds of up to 38km/ph in some areas.

Although most of us are not using our cars at the moment, the NCM advised any motorists making essential journeys to exercise caution when driving, due to the potential reduction in visibility caused by rain and winds causing blowing dust.

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