The 3D-printed masks will provide additional protection for our frontliners…

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is using 3D printing technology to create 3D masks for our city’s healthcare professionals and frontliners as the battle against Covid-19 continues.

A video released by the DHA states that production is ongoing and the technology is able to produce 50 masks every 48 hours. They aim to provide approximately 500 masks for medical personnel who are in direct contact with Covid-19 patients.

The 3D-printed masks need to be worn over face masks and will provide additional protection for frontliners, while also protecting their eyes.

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The lightweight shields are divided into two parts, one of which is reusable after being sterilized, while the transparent visor is single-use.

The Dubai Police also distributed similar face shields to 1,000 for its officials at the forefront of fighting the pandemic.

The UAE is pulling out all the stops to ensure its citizens and frontline workers are safe during this difficult time.

Earlier this month, the Dubai Police tested new fever-scanning helmets which are able to read people’s temperature from afar – a first of its kind in the region.

The country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has ranked in global top 10 according to the Global Response to Infectious Diseases (GRID) table – a system created by Australia’s Institute of Certified Management Accountants.

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