Another reason, though none was needed, to stay home…

Abu Dhabi Media Office has warned of winds and with the potential to cause sandstorms over the coming days.

The agency asked residents to take appropriate precautions in light of this.

It’s a message blown home by the dramatic video below, which shows a sandstorm engulfing Al Ain.

Sandstorms bring their own set of challenges for navigating, so the sensible advice is to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

And it’s not just wind, intense rainfall has already made its way into some parts of the UAE.

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UAE weather: Rain and thunderstorms are on their way this weekend

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted rough seas and medium to high winds that will blow intermittently until Saturday, but even then they could still reach speeds of 50kph.

Humidity is expected to be on the rise too, reaching up to 70 per cent accompanied by a toasty 43°C ambient temperature in some areas.

Rainfall will be accompanied, at times and in certain regions, by thunder and lightning.

For a broader picture of the UAE’s weather of the next few days, check out the weekend forecast.

Images: Unsplash