Temperatures are still high, reaching up to 43°C…

We’ve had a week of hot weather in the UAE, with temperatures soaring up to 44 degrees celsius in some parts. Prepare for things to get a little wetter this weekend though, as rainfall is expected most days.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) as revealed that whilst temperatures are still high, reaching up to 43°C in some areas, the rain will no doubt cool things down slightly. Thunder and lightening are also set to liven things up, so be careful if you’re out exercising.

Not surprisingly, humidity is going to be high, reaching up to 70 per cent in some areas.

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On Thursday, April 30, expect a cloudy sky and convective cloud formations. We’ll be experiencing some rainfall, with moderate winds causing blowing dust and sand in some parts.

It starts to get a little dicey on Friday, May 1. Set to be dusty and partly cloudy, rain of different intensities will fall over scattered areas, so take extra caution if you’re driving. Thunder and lightening is expected.

Things are much the same on Saturday, May 2, with rain, thunder and lightening in some parts. Winds are expected to be up that day, reaching speeds of up to 55km/h. If you’re exercising, it might be best to stick to a home workout that day.

There doesn’t look to be any easing up on Sunday, May 3, with more cloudy skies, rainfall, thunder and lightening. Winds are predicted to be slightly calmer than Saturday, but they could still reach speeds of 50km/h in some places.

A report issued by the NCM on April 29 states that the weather is expected to cause reduced visibility over land this weekend, and warns people to be on the alert for hazardous weather, so do be careful if you’re going out.

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