Coya is bringing a culinary carnival to your casa

The capital’s Latin food fans have got something to celebrate, with purveyor of top Peruvian food, Coya adding a condensed, special menu to delivery platform, Deliveroo.

Starting today, you’ll be able to order dishes such as maki roll de wagyu (wagyu carpaccio and enoki mushroom with a mustard dressing), chuletas de cordero (Lamb chops with crushed Aubergines) and escabeche peruano (chargrilled sea bream in banana leaf, tamarillo, aji panca and muscatel).

A little PSA for sweet-toothed chicas and chicos — the restaurant’s epic orange churros are on the menu too.

And because it’s Deliveroo, the journey from Coya’s kitchen, direct to your boca (mouth), is muy rapido.

It’s common knowledge that no Hispanic feast should be without an homage to the avocado. And Coya have got you covered here too. Each delivery comes with a DIY guac kit, for you to ‘avo’ go at smashing up your own salsa.


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The packaging is all biodegradable making it a suitable choice for those that prefer restaurants offering sustainable options.

Want to pair those soulful eats with equally soulful beats? Every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm plug into the live Ritual sessions from the Coya couch.

COYAenCasa, available to view on Coya Abu Dhabi’s social media channels, is dedicated to teaching us how to make some of the chain’s flamboyant dishes. The videos include full recipes as well as in-depth tutorials.

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