Have you spotted them in your area?

Dubai Police force is famous around the world for its extraordinary fleet of branded supercars, drones, gyrocopters, and even speed boats. Now to add to that impressive collection, Dubai Police has revealed its new smart scooter series.

The electric scooters appear to be fitted with flashing red and blue lights to indicate that they belong to the police force. The aim is to easily reach and catch violators who are breaking precautionary measures set out to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The actions taken by Dubai Police aim to protect citizens and residents, under the initiative Your Security Our Happiness. In a social media post, Dubai Police officers can be seen riding the scooters through the streets and speaking to rule violators.

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A Tweet shared on the official Dubai Police Twitter read: “In line with ongoing efforts to maintain safety & security of community members, Dubai Police intensifies its measures to contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and implement the latest means, including the smart scooter, to counter violators of precautionary measures.”

If you are caught breaking any number of the rules, you’ll be asked to show your Emirates ID. You could also face a fine, which varies depending on the action you’ve taken. Not wearing a mask will cost you Dhs1,000, while being out in public after 10pm will land you with a Dhs3,000 fine.

Images: Video Stills