With immediate effect…

With the National Disinfection Programme now complete as stated by UAE authorities, there will no longer be any restrictions on night-time movements across the UAE.

Along with this announcement, Dubai Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) have also announced that the Dubai Metro and the Dubai Tram will return to its regular operating hours.

The updates were made via the RTA’s official Twitter handle.

Dubai Metro

According to the tweet, the revised timing for trains on the Red Line will run from 5am to midnight from Saturday to Wednesday. On Thursdays, the timings will be 5am to 1am the following day and Friday will see the metro running from 10am to 1am the next day.

Trains on the Green Line will operate from 5.30am to midnight from Saturday to Wednesday, 5.30am to 1am (following day) on Thursdays and 10am to 1am (following day) on Fridays.

Dubai Tram

A separate tweet announcing the Dubai Tram regular hours was also made.

The timings will be from 6am to 1am (the following day) on Saturday to Thursday, and 9am to 1am(the following day) on Friday.

The tweet came with a warning message for public transport users to plan their trip well and follow the preventive measures for their own and others’ safety.

Some of these preventive measures include the use of masks at all times. Travellers must maintain a safe distance by observing the markings in the stations and on-board.

Elevators can only carry two people at a time, and should be reserved for people with mobility issues and parents with prams.

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