In anticipation of precipitation, fetch those umbrella, ella ellas…

You don’t need us, TV weathermen, or a mobile meterological app to tell you it’s humid this week. That condensation on your windows looking at you like ‘cash me outside’, is doing that job for us.

What you might be surprised to learn though is, on Monday afternoon, the atmospheric humidity could very well translate into convective clouds.

This is the type of cloud ‘vector’ that can carry both natural and ‘seeded’ rain.

Tuesday is forecasted to begin with a light covering of fog or mist. After burning off by the afternoon, the day is likely to be fair with some cloudy spells. Some of those clouds in the East, could also bring soothing ‘ahh’ moments in the form of rain.

Light to moderate southeasterly to northeasterly winds will bring welcome, sometimes cooling breezes to parts of the UAE throughout the week.

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Wednesday will also be fair with patchy clouds, but as we move into Thursday the ground humidity will begin to increase once more. There is a chance of further light rainfall in the south and east regions of the country.

Friday too brings cloud and the possibility of rain in eastern and southern parts of the UAE.

Where they occur, spells of rain have the potential to bring brief respite from the summer humidity. But it could be bit of a high-wire act if you have a load of laundry you need to dry.

And we’ll take any shot at a cooler spell right now. Yesterday the nation’s mercury topped out at 47.4ºC (recorded at 3pm in Hamim).

At least, with many people still working from home, those fights for control of the AC thermostat are probably less brutal on average. Or have they been more brutal? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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