Helping make that pre-flight checklist a little easier…

Etihad Airways has announced a partnership with Mediclinic that will enable travellers to undergo PCR Covid-19 testing at their home.

Making that pre-flight checklist a little easier to start ticking off.

Whilst not currently required by UAE authorities to exit the country, a negative Covid-19 test certificate is essential for entry into many destinations across the world. Often with the stipulation that the test must be taken prior to travel (and within 48 hours of attempted entry).

For more information on the special pandemic requirements of specific destinations, consult the website before you travel.

It’s also worth noting that those travelling into Abu Dhabi from outside the emirate will need a negative test (result within 48 hours) to get in.

There is a new option for rapid laser-testing on the border, but for fixed travel — having a test in advance is recommended (in case the test is positive).

Dr. Nadia Bastaki, Vice President Medical Services, Etihad Airways, said “We have a paramount responsibility to ensure those who are travelling from Abu Dhabi can do so assured in the knowledge that every effort is being made to care for them at every stage of their journey”

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You can book your test with Mediclinic on (800) 2022. If you travel into a local Mediclinic service provider, you can get the test for Dhs252.

For the home service, it will cost you a little more, as there is essentially a ‘call-out’ fee. The price of one test at home is Dhs525. But a couple can get tested in their own home for just Dhs777.

With the relatively inflexible nature of air travel, getting results in a quick, reliable turn around time is essential. Through Mediclinic, you’ll get the results through within 24 hours of the swab reaching the laboratory.

David Hadley, Chief Executive Officer of Mediclinic Middle East, said: “All testing is carried out by a trained professional, and our dedicated COVID-19 testing laboratories in Abu Dhabi and Dubai mean that results are available quickly and accurately.”

Obviously, if you do get a positive test result — you will have to make a date change to your flight and seek medical assistance.

Images: Provided/Unsplash